“As the summers approached, we were being forced to crank up the AC much more than normal. Then a friend told us to get our ducts cleaned and recommended these guys. They came to our home and were very prompt and thorough with their service. They cleaned up the whole system and were very reasonable priced too. Highly recommended.” — A.J. Smith

“Our office had an obvious airflow problem where some vents were simply not working. The clean up crew actually showed us how badly the vents were blocked with dust and debris. And once they had finished their cleaning, there was such a palpable difference. I have recommended them to our branch offices around the city.” — Timothy Jones

“I run a small restaurant and my air conditioning bills suddenly started shooting through the roof. So I called the PT crew to get the ducts cleaned. They came and cleaned up the ducts and then proceeded to clean up the machine exhaust, kitchen chimney and generator vents. Now the only thing shooting through the roof is the efficiency level of my machines. Thanks guys!” — Paula Jameson

“My 8 year old daughter suddenly developed asthmatic tendencies and the doctor recommended a thorough clean up of the house, including the air vents. I found PT online and called them. They were very prompt in their response and thorough with their clean up. Now the air feels so much fresher and my daughter is doing better too. Highly recommended for all home owners.” — Arthur Gerwig